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People Search by Name - Lookup People using Public Records Search - Spontaneous Insight

Conduct a people search by name to find someone you've lost touch with or who is important to you. Search by name to do a people lookup and discover full name, age, address, phone number (when available), possible relatives and birth year.

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Know Street Address or Date of Birth? People Search by Name, Address and/or Age

Tips and Tricks

People Search by Name: If you find too many people with similar names, try narrowing your search by entering more specific information such as city and state.

If you do not find the person, try expanding your search in small increments. For example, try searching without specifying a city. Still didn't find the person? - Try searching all states.

Try searching for people using variations of their first name.

Example: Tom Doe, use first name variations, such as:

- Thomas
- Tom
- T* (Placing an asterisk * after their first initial is helpful if you don’t remember their formal first name)

 Still didn't find the person? 

Try the Reverse Look-Up feature, where you can search people by a phone number or search people by address:

Reverse Look Up by Phone Number

Reverse Look Up by Address