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Search public records instantly with your computer or smartphone by simply providing some basic information in the Quick Search area above. Different reports are available based upon the type of information you’re looking for: 



Attach a name(s) to a number or address by simply providing the phone number or address information.

People Search ($7.45)

Find someone you’ve lost touch with or who is important to you, and discover addresses, phone numbers and more. People Search includes basic information about all individuals meeting your search criteria, such as full name, age, address, phone number (when available), possible relatives and birth year.

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Individual Background Report ($39.95)

Whether you’re setting up a business partnership, hiring a contractor to work at your home, collecting a debt, or performing a skip trace, the Individual Background Report is for you. This detailed overview of one person you’ve chosen includes People Search information, plus aliases, address history, known relatives, neighborhood data and more.

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Comprehensive Background Report ($64.95)

This product provides a more comprehensive background report that includes a national search for criminal record data.

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Criminal Records Search

($15 for Single State/$25 for National)

Protect yourself and your family. Criminal Records Searches provide results pertaining to felonies, misdemeanors, sexual offenses and any other issue that has been handled by the criminal court system. These searches are available for a single state or nationwide.
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*A report contains information collected from public records and publicly available data. It is designed to assist you in locating or verifying an individual’s background information. The report is the result of compiling data from thousands of sources, including government, property, and other public record repositories. Spontaneous Insight synthesizes the information to make it easier for you. Please note that public records are only as accurate as the agencies that input the originating information, therefore we suggest carefully reviewing the information provided about the individual you are researching.

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No Hit, No Charge

What happens if you don't get any results through our automated system on the search subject you've chosen? In some cases, we will upgrade your search to an assisted search by one of our professionals at no additional charge who will attempt to locate the information for you, and we'll get back to you within 1 business day. Please note this is not applicable if you have chosen the wrong person.

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