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Spontaneous Insight, FCRA-compliant background checks are designed specifically to address the needs of small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits for pre-employment or tenant screenings.

Small organizations are the most susceptible to fraud.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, in a small company, a single employee tends to have a large amount of responsibility but little supervision. This makes it easy to gain access to sensitive information or the company’s finances.

In fact, the 2006 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud shows the average loss for a small business is $190,000, which is more than the average loss of $150,000 for a large company.

Victims recover less than 25% of their losses in about half of all cases filed.

What can you do to protect yourself from this situation? Get the information you need to find people you can trust.

Our unique combination of affordable services offers an entirely new breed of screening products designed to help you make decisions with ease and confidence.

Once you register and complete the application process, you will enjoy all the benefits of a powerful screening tool with results literally available at your fingertips within seconds.

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FCRA-compliant searches are for individuals and businesses who recognize the importance of screening prospective employees and tenants for criminal records, employment histories, educational verifications, driving records, credit reports and more. Due to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), employers and landlords must comply with certain disclosure and reporting requirements before performing these types of background checks. Otherwise, they expose themselves to increased liability and financial risk.

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Not All Screening Companies Are Alike

Many pre-employment and tenant screening providers offer good criminal data from a particular state, but may lack the quality you require when providing information from outside their home state or specialty.

To illustrate, you have a prospective employee interested in joining your company. He moved to Texas a year ago from New York and before that, he lived in California. To get a complete picture, you would need to gather records from each location.

With Spontaneous Insight, you don’t have to, because:

  • We compile the information from multiple sources, leveraging our established partnerships with the industry’s leading data providers.
  • Our partners and their data are best in class, based upon their area of specialty and geography.  
  • Spontaneous Insight service is FCRA-compliant and we help ensure that you are as well.